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My name is Lara Lazaro and I teach women how to cultivate a sharp mind, enjoyable engaged movement, and empowering nutrition. All wrapped up in a lovely mindfulness burrito.


I serve my clients with heart, compassion, and focused attention.

I help people feel empowered by every decision, to take ownership and responsibility of their own joy/happiness. 

I teach people to create a sustainable lifestyle built on mindfulness and gratitude.

I will teach you how to actively create confidence. I want to transform how women like you view their bodies and view fitness and their strength.


My philosophy

We cultivate strength when we practice a loving mindset quality purposeful movement, joyful eating and fully-engaged effort and action. Life like,our fitness is a process and we thrive when it’s fun, playful sustainable, and balanced.


The first step isn’t always an easy
and clear one to take.

Let me acknowledge you right here on taking the important first step: you showed up. May I ask: What's your fitness story? Whatever it has been up to this point, I Invite you to change it up. Why not tell a different story?

One of empowerment, of celebrating your wins. Where losses are opportunities. Where your weight doesn’t really matter. And the topic of “weight” pertains to amount of iron we stacked onto that barbell you just lifted off of the floor. In my world, fitness is fun, sustainable, and enhances your life. It's a part of your process and does not get in the way or take time away from the other things you've got going on. (And as a high-performer, you’ve definitely got lots to juggle). Rather, fitness energizes you, allows you to flow, and creates ease. Yes, eeeease. Your fitness practice builds you up, and doesn't leave you hobbling out of the gym. It infuses and energizes everything else beyond your fitness so that you perform and live with confidence.

The way you move, lift, jump, run, play -- this elevates you. Every session is a win.

That’s the kind of fitness story I’m into, and it’s the kind I teach strong women like you to create for themselves.