About Me


Hello there! I'm Lara. Thank you for stopping by. Like you,I'm all about crafting a life that is bold, happy, balanced, and bright.

What I do

I work with high-performing women like you who desire growth and change, and who are ready to make a shift to the next level.

My mission is to teach women like you how to unleash and cultivate their inherent strength into a force that moves you beyond what you think you are capable of. To teach you to blow past your limits.  Imagine a life where ‘what you want’ equals ‘what you have.’ crafted through a loving process of balance, progress and joy. Why does this get me fired up? Because that is the life we all deserve.

My method: I’m a strength woman. For me, this next level starts with movement. Movement is fitness IS strength.

I believe that fitness should be fun, sustainable, and empowering. I’m not just a personal trainer or a fitness coach. I’m a Re-set coach. I’m here to help you re-set and and re-fresh your mindset to get un-stuck. To make the steps that will shift you into the beyond AND back to that state of perfection, that strong, capable, elegant and perfect woman who you are.

We’ve gotten so far away from that. Covered it all up with silly “I’m not good enough” non-sense that we’ve bought into. I’m here to shine the light to help you bring back the true and powerful you. How? I teach you how to leverage the power of movement, commitment and accountability to re-build your confidence so you can create an engaged, healthy and happy life.


Power to do all things, a strength beyond the physical, beyond what you can readily or physically perceive


Obvi, I’m a multi-passionate woman. I seek adventure, find joy in all the things, and proudly own my quirks.

My heart goes giddy for puppies. I haven’t met yours yet but I love him or her as much as I love my 10-year old Westie pup Roscoe. My fav meal is a grassfed ribeye steak with a side of dark chocolate and a glass of bold Zin. Pull-ups and deadlifts -- yes please. Americano, or a shot of sharp espresso. My favorite toys are the kettlebell, the surfboard, and a sketching pencil. The ocean is my home. And, daily meditation is my rock. I always have snacks on hand. Like soft-to-medium boiled eggs, 85% Dark chocolate, Haribo Golden Bears. Roll with me; you will be fed. I’m an introvert who loves to make new friends. I'm always down for an arm wrestle. I’m a self-proclaimed master hugger. It’s been on my resume for years. Yep, I’m all for fun and play and corny jokes abound. Still, I take your my word (and yours) seriously. I believe in Magic. Even more strongly, I believe in you. I am your number one fan and will remind you that you are and you indeed can.