5 Ways to Break Free From a Motivation Rut


We've all been there - Rut City. And it's not a fun place to visit. Most of my clients have come to work with me because they have found themselves in a workout rut for way too long. Personally, I end up in Rut City when I'm up against some creativity blocks during my process of writing programs and thought pieces. Even as a personal trainer, I can find myself in a meh space with my own training.

Fortunately, our stay here is always temporary. From personal experience and through my work with my coaching clients, I've learned thatthere are a number of solid solutions to a lack of motivation.

#1 Break your routine.

Yes, a routine is great for consistency, and consistency is necessary for success. However,a long-standing routine that has not been changed or modified can also create boredom.

I say, spice it up. Do something different that's not "like you." If you're used to lifting heavy, change it up by attending a yoga or spin class. Dare I say, go for a run. =)  If you're an endurance or cardio lover, try a new form of conditioning, perhaps a strength and conditioning class.

Believe it or not, doing something atypical of you, will add perspective, oomph, and a greater appreciation to your usual thang.

#2. Go volunteer.

Service for other. Lack of motivation creeps up when we are too much in our own head and our own world. Guess what? It ain't always about us. Even our own workouts or creative endeavors can gain some life by feeling the fire that comes from helping others.

#3. Get outside and do the Nature.

The most powerful source of renewal and energy lies in the most simple and accessible resource -- the outdoors. There's a certain something that happens when you get outside of your usual space and get some fresh air, especially in the wilderness. Yep, I'm a hippie and completely believe in the deepened sense of connection to the greater powers that we gain when we get away. Don't believe me? Go for a walk (ideally amongst trees or the ocean). Report back to me.


#4. Revisit your "Why?"

When we feel slumpy and have no drive to do the things we feel we must do, it's usually because we've lost touch with our connection to those actions. There's a disconnect between what you're doing and what you'd actually like to be doing. For some reason, the list of our to-do's don't always represent the most important things that align with our central values. If we re-ask "Why am I doing this?" or "why do i want this?" you'll discover what's actually worth doing. And a reconnection with your why, your drive, will light a fire under your butt and in your belly, even for the hardest tasks!

#5. Ask yourself: What's my next step?

To be even more specific and effective, a better question to ask is "What do I need, right now?" Not, "What do I need to do?" Rather, what is it that you need, for yourself, that will support you in completing what is important to you. Think self-care. We often think more doing is the solution to getting more done. Sometimes we just need a little softness, self-love perhaps in the form of a massage, a good read, taking a leisure walk, journaling, anything that will help you to relax and restore.  That gentle next step will often give you clarity around what you next action step will be. Even then, break those steps into smaller bites. Think ease. The best way to get motivated is to build momentum, and we do so with one small step after another.

I'm a firm believer that action breeds clarity. The secret to 'getting motivated' is to uncover little pieces of clarity one at a time, and we can do that through small acts. Which of these 5 boosts are you most drawn to or curious about? Feel free to give them a spin and please do let me know how it goes.


Lara Lazaro