"It's your time."

Howdy and welcome to my new new website. How do you like the new digs?

If you’ve been following me on social media, you may seen me upping my efforts around sharing my best mind-body knowledge as well as running new coaching programs.

Why? Because I’ve decided to make a shift. I’m taking what I’ve loved to do as a hobby (talk about health and fitness) and build it into a platform for my livelihood. Oooooh, saying that gives me the chillzzz.

I haven’t been one to set new year’s resolutions. Instead, I’ve focused on themes or intentions for the year, based on what had felt like the next area of focus.

For this year, 2017, the next natural step to take was to LEVEL UP in multiple ways, and to commit to this process through TRUST. Taking steps to up-level yourself, is scary, and even scarier is trusting that it will all be okay.

One of the main areas I’m focusing my energy is career. Like I’d mentioned, this fitness thing is no longer a hobby. My passion, my mission is now my business. The level-up process is one that doesn’t work if you float through it. It requires lots or structure, support, accountability, and, as a balance, even some room for play, experiment, flexibility.

Whether you’re a believer in the woo-woo hoo-haa or not, I still have to share that something in my gut was telling that I had to do this. That this would come with it’s challenges for sure, but that if I floated and half-assed any longer, the momentum I’d created would soon die and I would’ve missed the opportunity to do this. So I listened and I chose to throw myself out there, seek direction, and move into a place where I've never been before.

This year, I’ve hired the fabulous and successful Jill Coleman of Jillfit as a fitness business coach. In honor of trust and abundance, I’ve continued I’ve set up this new website, with a fresh new logo and new look to reflect this new shift in my business.

My mission, my passion IS my business. Even reading that aloud, let alone letting those words remain on this page for you to read is a bit unsettling, mortifying, and puke worthy. It’s definitely rewarding and empowering to have created my current setup and it’s definitely something that goes against my strong human tendency to live in my comfort zone. What I do know is that my business, my skill as a coach, my capacity my will only grow and thrive if I grow. And we can only grow when we expose ourselves, open ourselves up to new challenges, set into new levels of the unknown.

In the same way that I ask my coaching clients to take a risk and go into the unknown, I’m committed a year, heck a life, of putting myself out on the limb to truly test my self-perceived capacity and step into the unknown

Over the past four years, I’d worked purposefully to create the setup that I live in now. I’ve set up a solid foundation (decluttering my physical and mental space), actively shifted my mindset towards one of love, abundance, and “why not”, and intentionally positioned myself into career that I’m in love with. How lucky am I that I get to teach people to love their movement, own their bodies, enjoy this process called fitness and to create the lives that they’d only imagined in the past.

This service I share with others hold so much more value for me because I’ve walked through this very process myself. over the past several years. I’ve practiced the very actions to from a life of debt, depression, distorted body image to a life anchored in loving-actions, clarity, personal power, and yes, financial savings. Pretty much freedom in all the ways.

And this year has been struggle after struggle.  The best part is the that each time I get to the other side (by completing a step, such as launching this website, writing about and sharing my personal struggles, getting clear about my vision. In other words committing to the action of stepping up to the next level and TRUSTING), I am rewarded with ever-intensified liberation, freedom, capacity and confidence.

So. This website is not simple a new website. It represents so much more. My growth as an individual, a woman, a business-owner, a fitness professional, and as an everyday person just trying to make the best (and to make sense!) of this life.

What you can look forward to. This is my vitual homebase and my means of communicating with you, along with social media platforms. I’ll be sharing regular blog posts  to live your best life,  engaged movement, empowering nutrition,

I’ll also be sharing my best with my VIP mailing list ( you can subscribe here.)

I’ll also be upping the caliber of the content that i share with you and taking new one-on-one distance coaching clients.

I share this all with you because you too are a part of my level up process. Without you, your feedback, support, community, and accountability, I have no platform. So I thank you for coming along with me on this ride.

It's going to be an interesting one, for sure. But why not make it fun, right? In the end, as scary and challenging as it may be, committing ourselves to the next level is the only way to go. Excited to have you there with me to experience more of the wins. <3 Lara

Lara Lazaro