Live a Little Now, Wouldja?


I believe the Universe gives to us, in every moment, the perfect opportunity to get what we want. If we are willing to listen and answer the call.

I don’t always answer that call. Heck, sometimes I don’t even hear the Universe ringing.

Over the past few months, I’ve devoted myself to, what Robin Sharma calls, a monomaniacal focus on my work and on my personal development. With the help of my accountability group, I’ve been making, and keeping, aggressive commitments around my business, curfew, writing, studying for my training cert, exercise, and being social. Honing, grinding, doing, and with my eyes on the prize, I’ve made some huge gains in all areas of my life. The work has been challenging, but I've decided I am willing to pay the price in order to get to where I want to be. So, stay the path I shall.

I will be honest. Lately, I’ve had days where I am just so spent.


So exhausted that I’ve lost some of my mojo in the process. My mentor and Accountability trainer Ali, during our last call, gave me feedback that she sensed in me a disconnect. A disconnect between who I want to be -- a fab Fitness Accountability Trainer, who is engaged and energetic and inspires others to be their best -- and what I was doing to get there -- working myself into a whirlwind of fatigue. My group mates' feedback echoed this, that I seemed to have lost a sense of playfulness, of simply being.

Yeesh, that'll zing ya. I do admit, they were spot on. I felt it.

When you’re doing the tough work of overcoming inertia of your past ways and current circumstances to re-invent the blissful life you want, it can be quite tiring and heavy. And in the extreme monomaniacal commitment to doing, it's easy to forget to stop, lift your head, and look up to re-connect with the purpose behind your drive -- to live it up and be the bliss!  Being fabulous should not be exhausting. After all, even though building a new life and career can be scary, it’s supposed to be fun, invigorating and thrilling, not an energy suck nor a constant beat down.

You've heard me say it before. If it's not fun, then why do it?

Again, the universe sends us opportunities to be and have all that we want.

A good friend invited me and bunch of our high school friends to beautiful South Lake Tahoe last weekend for an early birthday celebration getaway. I had plunged so deep into GSD mode that instead of saying "Hell yes, I'm there," I immediately ran to one of my fav hangouts, atop the Fence of Indecision.

When it comes to taking vacations or taking substantial time away from work, especially when a deadline is nearing or when I have commitments to keep, I like to hop on up and sit on my Fence. Raise your hand if you can relate -- do you take a pass and stay home to be 'responsible,' or do you say sayonara to your work for the weekend and join your friends?

What came to mind was a nugget from Napoleon Hill, that one of the keys to success is speediness of decision. Quick decision grows out of self-trust, confidence, faith. Obviously, I had some work to do.

I chose to see this trip as a potential speed-bump to all my momentum and progress, a wrench in my plan to just keep working.

Why do we deny ourselves the liberty to play and have fun? Why do we feel guilty when we do indulge or even at the thought of experiencing bliss? Thoughts that stem from fear and lack, create the desire to just keep pushing and pushing. And we go non-stop because all the work that we do is not enough, and will never be enough. In that spin cycle, we get disconnected from the bigger picture of our WHY, our Vision. And we lose faith in ourselves and in the belief that we can achieve and have all we want if we just allow. After all, the Universe always has our back. If we just pay attention.

In fact, the Universe was giving me yet another chance to break my indecision, to learn to trust myself, and to revive my passion and energy through celebration, play, and quality friend time.

Finally, I heeded Hill's words and those of my Accountability groupmates and said "Eff it, I'm going." After all, my work would still be there and there was indeed time to complete it. I realized I had to have faith that I could do both -- enjoy time with friends AND complete all my work. Abundance, not lack. Gratitude, not guilt.


My time in Tahoe was everything I needed to get re-connected. With my beautiful friends, with my purpose, and with the silliness in me, and in my work, that gives me bliss.

I challenge you to simply live a little and let go. You just might discover a playfulness that reconnects you with all that makes you abundant and awesome.


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