The State of Oneness

A few months ago, I started attending a Restorative Yoga class, which I dubbed “Easy Yoga.” All we did most of the time was lie there. No sweat. No burn, at all. And then we would end with fifteen minutes of lying on our backs in complete relaxation, which for me meant naptime. You can imagine my disbelief as, after a few more classes, I became more present and aware of the amount of noise in my body and mind. I realized I couldn’t be further from the truth -- that being still is not easy.

Earlier this month our instructor emailed out a link to join an online 21-Day Mantra Meditation Journey, where each day would bring a new mantra with a specific purpose. I loved the simple mantras we recited in class, and I was excited to go deeper into my practice of clearing my mind. I was especially intrigued by Day 5’s mantra, “Narasimha Tava Dasohum,” which means “protection from negative influences.”

The type of protection that this mantra speaks to is the fortitude that comes from trusting ourselves. The mantra shifts our consciousness inward to a reliance on our own inner voice. The more we look inward for guidance, the more we cultivate self-trust and learn to use our intrinsic gift of knowing to keep judgments and negativity at bay. The sounds created by repeating “Narasimha Tava Dasohum”  serve to bring us back to a state of Oneness, which is the most powerful protection from any source of negativity.

It also reminded me of a process that I had been practicing for a while now that served the same purpose -- Accountability. In the same way that yoga, meditation, and mantras can dispel our fears and strengthen the trust in our inner voice, the process of Accountability and that of making and keeping agreements, build self-integrity and confidence within ourselves. By declaring and keeping those commitments that come from our highest self, we reaffirm our inner power and re-clarify our vision of our best life.

The mantra “Narasimha Tava Dasohum,” reminds us that self-trust is the ultimate protection along the path to the life we desire. As we listen to our inner wisdom, we build strength that protects us from naysayers and our worst enemy -- self-doubt.  What can you do to silence the chatter of negativity and tune yourself to your inner voice?

If you’re interested in this mantra, you can find it here.

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